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Study in England Britain offers many opportunities to get top-notch and world-renowned education and study in England is generally a very popular choice for our students.

The main goal of British universities is to prepare students for their future work experience. In addition, Great Britain is a very cosmopolitan country, while learning to learn new people, cultures, customs and traditions. You can study a number of trade unions, virtually anything you remember. Studying is not a boredom – you will enjoy many projects, work in groups, develop your critical thinking, and perhaps get to know your future employer!

You have the opportunity to finance your studies at the university through funds from a student loan (the loan is non-commercial and therefore interest-free). You will not have to repay the student loan in principle! The condition for approval is admission to school in the UK and citizenship in the country of E.U.

A total of 81% of students are satisfied with the course of the study. 86% of students agreed that teachers can explain the learning substance in a clear way. 84% of students agreed that they were able to access IT resources when needed. 82% agreed to the fact that UK universities have relevant and quality resources and services.

If you decide to study at any faculty of our partner universities in England or Wales, you can be sure that the study departments offer excellent opportunities for your further professional development and especially further employment in the labor market. BREXIT does not affect the provision of a favorable student loan!

Regarding the UK’s performance from the UK, in the coming years, our students do not have to worry about changes in their status or other changes in their approach to financing the study in the form of a loan from the British Government. Universities have issued a separate statement in which they undertake that even if Britain leaves the UK, they will not change the way of funding for students who are already studying at school, respectively. are already accepted.

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